"I spooked your dad there, saying I must score."
          "He's read of drugs.  Don't say that anymore."

"What must I say, I'm going to 'make my mark'?"
          "Who cares?  Dad drinks.  Let's go down to the park."

"I'm serious.  We've got what, five years more?"
          "Perhaps you do.  I'll just be twenty-four."

"I'm two years older.  Betty, I'm a man!"
          'I know you are.  I learned that with my hand."

"Time's flying, Beth.  We'll get a Porsche next year."
          "Or front porch.  Babies.  Get on over here."

"I'm good in Sales.  Chet says I'm boss as gold."
          "Chet's thirty, love.  Don't ever trust the old."

"I love you, Beth.  Your body.  God, you're grand."
          "I love you too.  I want to start our clan."

"Thirty-two?  That's not an age.  A calibre!"
          "A small one, too, my man.  You're not Excalibur."

"That's cool, like you.  Watch me romance the stone."
          "Go start without me.  'When you're all alone…'"

" ' … call Rotor Rooter.'  God, you're funny, Beth."
          "It helps to stop my crying.  I fear death."

"I'm thirty-two.  Big deal.  I got the raise."
          "Cindy's caught the measles.  Jeff broke his maze."

"When she recovers, they go to my folks."
          "I like the baby-sitting, hate 'Dad's' jokes."

"We'll get away, like bandits, in our Ford."
          "I'm thirty, too.  Who should I blame, the Lord?"