What’s that up there in the site tagline about?  ‘Jott Dog’ — shurly ‘Jackdaw’?

That’s me: Jackdaw Jackdaw, bird with a double-barrelled surname (or double-barrelled first name, take your pick), and more degrees and honours than you can shake a schtick at.

This is my website, where I shall from time to time post poems and prose scraps, all of them written by and collected from Alan Reynolds, a groundling who fancies himself an ‘earth tourist’ but who is actually rooted next to my favourite tree near the harbour.

All poems and prose scraps here at Jackdaw Dollops are © Alan Reynolds.

Jackdaw Jackdaw, BA (Hons), MComp, DPT, FBCS, Corvus monedula, O.I.D. *

Editor, Monnickendam

* O.I.D. = of iets dergelijks (or the like; or similar)



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