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He had thought a possum roast would ease his hunger. ‘It would have,’ said the jackdaw, ‘were you younger and in a land with possums, traps, and fires.’ He looked out where the edge of night expires. He drank water ? and pretended it was wine ? He drank whiskey ? and pretended it was(…)

Teacher’s Pique

The fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar’s teacher was a jackdaw, a relationship to tax both species’ patience, given neither creature served the other for protection or as snacks. The worm mumbled something muffled by the bleacher it hid under. ‘What,’ the bird said, ‘is that you ask? You are fuzzy and inept and not that dear. You(…)

Jackdaw Consults Human Dictionary

‘One mess,’ the jackdaw ponders. ‘Then two mice? And the plural of die, you say, one writes as dice? No wonder humans cavil and complain about such nonessentials as who’ll reign while staying blind to climates that they warm so much that soon it’s roaches that will swarm where once were many species, lots of(…)

Jackdaw Gilbert’s Campaign Promise

Jackdaw Gilbert’s Campaign Promise

Me:  ‘The homunculus is at home in poems and comments that are twistier than brain crevices, foldier than proteins, more la-di-da than Falange campaign ribbons…’ Jackdaw Gilbert flies down, hovers:  ‘CAW!’ Me:  ‘Thanks. I needed that. I was getting carried away there thinking about the TED Talk, “WANT OTHERS TO LISTEN TO YOU? 4 THINGS(…)

Mind Bender

His homunculus, too persistent to exist, sits in a mythic chaise longue in his mind. ‘So, where will I be, when your brain is gone?’ it asks, and laughs, and keeps him half awake.

Jackdaw of All Trades

Jackdaw of All Trades

While the rest of his ilk are contentedly flocking together he looks up new words in a lexicon left on a table. He blinks at ‘quadratics’. He bristles at ‘birds of a feather’. He’s amused by ‘Icarus’ and caws ‘European’ a fable. He fancies he’s painting, or building a boat, or a castle. He pretends(…)

Insomnia Succumbs to Spanish Verbs

The very thought of studying conjugations is soporific as warm tea infused from herbs. I dream a somnolent, jam-packed congregation — amo amas amat distinctions blurred — reclined, and declining nouns till diphthongs fizzle. Forms imperfecto doble enkelvoud futuro: pigeonholed verbs holed up beneath my bureau, my no-language-safe safe cracked, and Polly wanting some free-basin(…)

Ark Tangent — Prologue

Ark Tangent — Prologue

A donkey brayed and scared his mother witless when she was shopping weeks before his birth. The fell results had prompted one keen witness, seeing child and mother lying south of Perth, to venture that vampire bats would be scared shirtless at ears like these, each one of which could girth Paul’s baby wrists or(…)


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