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Whilst gawking on Amsterdam’s Dam Square in front of palace… I count three unicorns high on the palace. How many more inside is hard to tell outside here on the Dam persuading Alice it’s not the pills she ate that made her swell. Her bare midriff – think Kodiak or grisly – embarrasses the sycophants(…)

De Zoeteneur by Catharina Reynolds

De Zoeteneur by Catharina Reynolds

 (click the cover to see it full size) I like this book – so much that I translated the back cover’s text into English then wondered why I did that; the book is in Dutch and its readers don’t need an English translation. Then I answered my own question: because this book would make a(…)

just like a baby

old man in his study in a study brown thoughts from black to muddy feelings go and drown listening to the music reading today’s news looking for mosaics in the saddening news walking on mosaics watch for parting water see a sea go red go green studying why studying don’t work

Astronomical News of the Day

“Your ‘news’ — I see just rants and assertations, and, on your government and finance pages, lies disguised so you believe they’re perorations.” The jackdaw reads the news to me, his eyes bird-bright as you’d expect and also wise. “Sports stories, comics, ‘science’ how the stars’ positions at your birth foretell which cars, and jobs,(…)

Intellect Lite

Tim came from Flat Rock, the closest you could get to God’s country without being annihilated or saved. He grew there, and grew up one summer night over in Hendersonville in the back of the doctor’s debutante daughter’s Sedan de Ville. A year or two later he went downhill all the way to the coast.(…)

Mushroom Cloud Occluding Dog Star

The white dwarf sings nostalgically of pasta. Spittoons regurgitate. Barn swallows fly. Religious rhymes incorporating ‘rasta’ shunt galaxies. Remaining options die. Through exits open, first you, and then I, call the assembled spirits, hoping one will take it on herself to, just for fun, perform another rescue. Mushrooms crowd the senses into sainthood, says the(…)

Pi in the Sky

Once upon a time, long ago, before all elected officials were knowledgeable, wise, and dedicated to serving the people who elected them, a majority of elected politicians decided to ease the lives of their children by simplifying the arithmetic that they were forced to learn. They legislated that from now on that pesky mysterious number(…)


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