just like a baby

old man in his study in a study brown thoughts from black to muddy feelings go and drown listening to the music reading today’s news looking for mosaics in the saddening news walking on mosaics watch for parting water see a sea go red go green studying why studying don’t work

Astronomical News of the Day

“Your ‘news’ — I see just rants and assertations, and, on your government and finance pages, lies disguised so you believe they’re perorations.” The jackdaw reads the news to me, his eyes bird-bright as you’d expect and also wise. “Sports stories, comics, ‘science’ how the stars’ positions at your birth foretell which cars, and jobs,(…)

Roil Britannica

A bit of pre nostalgia for after Greenland’s ice slips into the seas. The gurnards engage me in quiet conversation. My surprise that I am breathing under water gives way to wonder, first, that fish can talk and, secondly, to their accent: Brummie bubbles. A phantom Bull Ring! Fancy, at these fathoms. I’ve been down so long that ‘up’ is an abstraction.(…)

Mushroom Cloud Occluding Dog Star

The white dwarf sings nostalgically of pasta. Spittoons regurgitate. Barn swallows fly. Religious rhymes incorporating ‘rasta’ shunt galaxies. Remaining options die. Through exits open, first you, and then I, call the assembled spirits, hoping one will take it on herself to, just for fun, perform another rescue. Mushrooms crowd the senses into sainthood, says the(…)

Impromptu Conference

A sparrow stands beside me in the sun as if we shared the secret of the Fall. I tell the cheerful bird we’re here for fun. It answers that I know that is not all.

Abelard in Non-Hell

‘Oh Lord, Oh Laird,’ says Abelard, ‘I moaned that life was hard, but bugger me, an eternity of death’s harder. Take my word. Here Heloise makes Hades freeze, or is that vice versa? The moving mouse writhes and leaps on, disturbing Death’s own cursor, while blue screens scream for temp perdu and madeleines stay stale,(…)

Of Rain and Roofs

We talk together of things that matter but not to each other. On the roof, the rattling rain, envious of its kin falling directly into the harbour, descends to join up, guttering, incessant as conversation until it stops. Hearing what you say, I startle at my own silent response. I wonder how could anyone mean(…)

Monstrous Descent

‘What kind of wolf are you?’ .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .         ‘I wish a were.’ ‘Are you speaking grit,’ the gyring gorgon asked, ‘or subjugating us to the subjunctive?’ ‘A were-wolf!’ whined the wolf whelp warily watching the gyring gorgon’s garter-snake coiffure. ‘Why aren’t(…)


The music for romance flies out the window pursuing chances for a warmer bed. They won’t know how the chances that they had, divided by the chances that they missed, will tally: long division, no results. Hard rock segues into blues — her morning mood — in their concrete penthouse perched on Mesa Rock. She(…)


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