Roil Britannica

A bit of pre nostalgia for after Greenland’s ice slips into the seas. The gurnards engage me in quiet conversation. My surprise that I am breathing under water gives way to wonder, first, that fish can talk and, secondly, to their accent: Brummie bubbles. A phantom Bull Ring! Fancy, at these fathoms. I’ve been down so long that ‘up’ is an abstraction.(…)

Mushroom Cloud Occluding Dog Star

The white dwarf sings nostalgically of pasta. Spittoons regurgitate. Barn swallows fly. Religious rhymes incorporating ‘rasta’ shunt galaxies. Remaining options die. Through exits open, first you, and then I, call the assembled spirits, hoping one will take it on herself to, just for fun, perform another rescue. Mushrooms crowd the senses into sainthood, says the(…)


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