DE ZOETENEUR front cover (click the cover to see it full size)

I like this book – so much that I translated the back cover’s text into English then wondered why I did that; the book is in Dutch and its readers don’t need an English translation. Then I answered my own question: because this book would make a great road trip movie and it would be neat if some moviemakers got to know about it. Hence my little translation:
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(Imagine he was YOUR father… )
Nora is in for a period full of daily dilemmas when she suddenly receives an email from Arthur, her father who left when she was around five years old and who has not let her hear from him for more than forty years. He wants her to drive down from Holland to collect him from his Spanish mountain, as if he were a child to be picked up from an IKEA play area. 
Nora, happily married and mother of teenage twin sons, heads out alone in her Volvo, driving to a reunion that both attracts and repels her.
Little by little she learns how the life of the man who now calls himself Arturo has expired and still runs on … 
Her trek to find and bring back her father becomes a reconnoitring expedition into her own present and past appetites and burdens.
The Zoeteneur – the title is a nonce word playing on ZOET (sweet) and SOUTENEUR (pimp) – is a road trip that erupts into an extremely bizarre, sensual and gruelling journey down through France and Spain and back. Why does Nora bother, and why is she herself so bothered. Is she like so many people still looking for a paternal pat on the head? Just one …?
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