The very thought of studying conjugations
is soporific as warm tea infused from herbs.

I dream a somnolent, jam-packed congregation —
amo amas amat distinctions blurred —
reclined, and declining nouns till diphthongs fizzle.

Forms imperfecto doble enkelvoud futuro:
pigeonholed verbs holed up beneath my bureau,
my no-language-safe safe cracked, and Polly wanting
some free-basin subjuntivo John of Gaunt thing.

A tumbleweed of words — prairie-dogging, daunting
sleep-no-Thomas-Moring snoring bantam boring.
Wordsworth jobs-worth jingles junked imploring
Watts a word then thin edge fridge exploring

Midge hunt dune shunt gecko wished critiques

Up creeks downtime paddle times up came up shorting
Whales derisive Yeats’s wife’s auto writing
Good day good night Spanish verb forms blighting

Writing speaking squeaking nuance slighted… … zzzzz