Gilbert Jackdaw

Me:  ‘The homunculus is at home in poems and comments that are twistier than brain crevices, foldier than proteins, more la-di-da than Falange campaign ribbons…’

Jackdaw Gilbert flies down, hovers:  ‘CAW!’

Me:  ‘Thanks. I needed that. I was getting carried away there thinking about the TED Talk, “WANT OTHERS TO LISTEN TO YOU? 4 THINGS YOU NEED TO DO?”

Jackdaw Gilbert’s Campaign Promise: A Homunculus in Every Homunculus

‘Why should YOU want THAT?’ J. Gilbert asks.
‘You go for weeks not listening to yourself,
and when you slip and do, it makes you sad.’

I almost answer, but we’ve an agreement,
I and Jackdaw Gilbert. We’ve agreed
that politeness and our mental health demand
the benign ignoring of most of what we say.

‘I am here to help you clear up your depression,’
the bird says. ‘Look! A ghost inside your head!
Stay calm to give it time to settle in.
I hope it will play nicely with the others.’

‘I am not depressed!’ I yell. The jackdaw flies
halfcocked up in the hedgerow, stares me down.
‘Do I Ryle?’ it punned. ‘Put a ghost in your machine?
A homunculus among homunculi?’