Astronomical News of the Day

“Your ‘news’ — I see just rants and assertations, and, on your government and finance pages, lies disguised so you believe they’re perorations.” The jackdaw reads the news to me, his eyes bird-bright as you’d expect and also wise. “Sports stories, comics, ‘science’ how the stars’ positions at your birth foretell which cars, and jobs,(…)

Mushroom Cloud Occluding Dog Star

The white dwarf sings nostalgically of pasta. Spittoons regurgitate. Barn swallows fly. Religious rhymes incorporating ‘rasta’ shunt galaxies. Remaining options die. Through exits open, first you, and then I, call the assembled spirits, hoping one will take it on herself to, just for fun, perform another rescue. Mushrooms crowd the senses into sainthood, says the(…)


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